Rebecca's Attic


Canvas Painting Classes

The Rebecca's Attic studio is open and available for your private party or fundraiser! The schedule is open and pre-planned crafts and paintings are being listed daily.. 

There is no absolutely experience necessary to attend an event. Each and every painting is created with someone in mind who hasn’t picked up a paint brush since kindergarten. You will be able to follow easy step by step instructions how to create every painting.  However, we encourage every artist, from the experienced to the beginning learner to customize their masterpiece and make it their very own piece of art.

We are available for public and private events, as well as team-building events, corporate parties and fundraisers too. We love to host parties that allow us to connect with the community and give back to help those in need. 

Rebecca will also continue to travel to your home or meet you inside your favorite local venue right here in The Miami Valley!

Sign up for one of our fun and beautiful painting classes today!


Additional Information

Your painting event must have a minimum of 4 painters, but can also accommodate up to 40 of your favorite friends, closest family, co-workers and more. And if you bring your party to The Attic, and have 6 or more paying friends, your canvas is always FREE!

Events are $25 per person for up to a 16 x 20 canvas and when hosting your own private party, you may choose the painting. Make note, so classes are being offered with a small canvas, and of course, that means a smaller price too!

If you are someone who doesn't get upset when sugar gets spilled at your Pampered Chef party and doesn't mind a little paint spills, you would be the perfect host or hostess of an in home painting party! Just remember, I will be happy to enter your place but if I leave some paint drops or spills they are yours to keep forever! ...smiling...

IMPORTANT: Please note that until we have a date, venue and painting confirmed with you, your event has not been finalized. No date will be saved for your event until all three things have been completed.


Fundraiser Information


Fundraisers are a great way to have fun with your friends and raise some money for an important charity at the same time!

We typically charge $35 a person for fundraisers, with $10 per ticket going back to the charity, or $40 per person, with $15 going back to your cause!
We can accommodate up to 40 painters, which means you could raise up to $600 for your favorite charity and have a blast doing it!

You will need to meet the minimum sign up number of 10 painters, 48 hours before the event is set to begin, in order for us to hold the event as a fundraiser.
Within a week of the event end we will issue you a check with your proceeds.

We will post it here on our website, but the outcome of the fundraiser is greatly dependent on your ability to get the word out to your family, friends and supporters. We do recommend creating an “Event” page on Facebook and sharing it with the local news and all your friends!



Colors & Cookies

Kid's Events

Children's painting events are a great way to celebrate any occasion from birthday parties, to holiday parties, or even just a family get-together! Our children and family parties are so much fun! You will be able to choose from a variety of “kid friendly” paintings and everyone in your party will paint along with the instructor on their own 11x14 or 8x10 canvas. The instruction lasts between one hour to two hours and a half. Anyone is welcome to come for the party and only a minimum of 6 painters need to be signed up in order to hold the event. The painters may be anywhere from 7 yrs. old and up and are $15 a painter. And of course, we will provide cookies, if it's held at our small studio.



AAP and Me Events

Every pair will paint along with the instructor on their own 11 x 14 canvas, or some events may have the Awesome Adult Person painting on a 12 x 16 and the child on a 11 x 14. The instruction lasts between one hour to two hours and a half. Anyone is welcome to come for the party and only a minimum of 6 pairs of painters are needed to be signed up in order to hold the event. The painters may be anywhere from 7 yrs. old and up. The price for pair paintings is $35.


Meet Rebecca

Rebecca was born and raised right here in Mad River, Ohio and spent many years in art classes fulfilling her passion for creativity and imagination in various medias from pencil, to oils and acrylic, to even glass and India ink printing.

One of her greatest achievements in life was a piece of work done in mixed media that was displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. 
By day, she is a para pro aide in a preschool classroom at one of the local school districts and is also a professional face painter.

Rebecca believes everything and everyone can be a canvas and that there is an artist or model in everyone, so therefore she lives to help other’s find their creativity.

Rebecca loves to host really awesome classes, filled with fun sing along music. She enjoys seeing people leave with a piece of art that made them feel happy and wanting to come back to do it all over again another night!



Painting helps us be unified by a love for the Earth and the people in it.